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Health Guarantee

Toy Puppies by Sweet Dog offers health guarantees for all our puppies and 100% money back guarantee..

Our Health Guarantee

If the puppy is found to have a non-treatable life-threatening congenital defect related to the eyes, heart, lungs, and brain within the first 12 months of the puppies’ life, a complete report from the buyer’s veterinarian must be emailed to our customer service team within 48 hours after the determination.


If the puppy is diagnosed with parvo virus or distemper virus within 10 days of receiving the puppy, we will either provide 100% of your payment for the puppy back or another puppy to your liking in a reasonable price range.


All of our puppies will undergo a wellness exam from our personal Veterinarian, have at least two sets of required vaccinations, genetic health guarantees, parvo and distemper virus  guarantees on a full puppy contract.


Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied by your choice of a new family member. 

Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet
Clinical Dog Examination

Our Refund Policy

If a puppy has a genetic disease (refer to your puppy contract for further details), we will guarantee a 100% money back policy or will do our best so you can have first choice for any future litters. The buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses to and from the seller  for a replacement puppy.

At no time will your credit exceed the purchase price of your puppy. If the puppy shows signs of neglect or abuse,  this contract is considered null and void.

Under no circumstance will there be any refunds if there is no issue with their genetic health and if parvo/distemper virus tests are negative. If you are no longer able to take care of the puppy, you may surrender them to us.

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